Ballet technique provides the foundation for every genre of dance. Dancers learn the basic positions, body placement, jumps, and turns. Proper ballet training leads to fewer injuries, better alignment, and stronger core technique. Students ages 3 and up can register for ballet. 

*All students are required to take a ballet class except those only enrolled in hip hop.


Tap is a fun and exciting style of dance that combines rhythm and musicality. Tap is an excellent way to improve your dancer’s listening skills and ability to count music. Students ages 3 and up can register for tap.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance refers to street-style movements performed to hip hop music. The fast-paced classes are great for keeping in shape and letting loose. Students ages 6 and up can register for hip hop. 


Jazz dance originated from a combination of dance styles and has ballet as its foundation. Jazz is upbeat and energetic, and places emphasis on body control and coordination. Jazz is open to interpretation by many teachers and choreographers, making no two jazz dances the same.



Acrobatics combines elements of tumbling, gymnastics, and ballet. Students develop their strength, coordination, and flexibility. Experienced teachers and tumbling mats ensure your child’s safety. Students ages 4 and up can register for acrobatics.


Pom pon dance utilizes precision and teamwork to create a visually-appealing, fast-paced, and energetic dance routine. Poms prepares dancers for future dance or cheerleading squad memberships. Students ages 6 and up can register for poms.


We are one of the few dance studios in the area that offers instruction in baton twirling. Baton requires focus and coordination to combine dance with twirling, tosses, and group tricks. Students ages 6 and up can register for baton.


Lyrical dance builds on basic ballet technique to create a visual story set to the lyrics of a song. Students are placed into lyrical class as their ballet training progresses and at the discretion of their teachers.



Pointe provides students with more dedicated focus on honing their ballet skills. At 12 years old, students are eligible to begin a prepointe (or pointe-conditioning) class that prepares their ankles, legs, and feet for the challenge of dancing on pointe. Once the teacher feels she is ready, the student may be promoted to pointe shoes.