Dress Code

                 Students are required to wear appropriate form-fitting attire to every class. This includes leotards, tights, tank tops, biker shorts,

                 leggings, or unitards. Jeans, skirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatpants should not be worn to dance.

                A black tank leotard should be purchased through the studio for $14/$16 at the beginning of the year. This is a basic tank leotard that

               every student should own, as it may be used as part of a costume in performances. It can also be worn to class.

            Hair should be pulled back for all classes. No jewelry should be worn.


             The following shoes are required for their respective classes: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, caramel jazz shoes*,

             nude lyrical shoes, and pink pre-pointe or pointe shoes. Required shoes must be worn to every class. 

               *Advanced students may be asked to buy black jazz shoes for performances.

              The studio is not responsible for lending shoes to students. All supplies, except for pointe shoes,

              can be ordered through the studio. Items must be paid in full when the order is placed.


                 Attendance and practice are essential to learning and improving! Trophies are awarded at the end of the dance season to students who have                 missed six or fewer classes. If there is a death in the family, religious conflict, or illness, the student

               will not be held accountable for those absences if we are aware of those circumstances. Please call the studio.

               Poor attendance may impact a dancer’s ability to participate in performances. At the studio director’s discretion, students with poor                              attendance may be prohibited from performing. Please keep this in mind, as costume payments cannot be refunded if your child's                                attendance prevents them from performing.

               Classes missed for nonpayment of tuition will count toward your child’s overall attendance record.


              Newsletters are emailed at the beginning of the month. They contain important information and are a great tool for communication between               the studio and parents. Hard copies of the newsletter are available at the front desk. If you find you are not receiving these emails, please let                 us know so we can resolve the problem. Teachers are not able to meet with parents during their scheduled classes. Questions and concerns                   can be directed to the studio owner through a call to the studio, an email, or a message to our Facebook page.

             The best and most immediate communication we can provide to you is in person during studio business hours.

             You are always welcome to visit the front desk for information.


              Two performances are held during the year. The Holiday Show will be held in December at Ritenour Middle School. Only selected classes                   perform in the Holiday Show. A list of classes performing will be sent home in our newsletter. You may also inquire with your child’s                           teacher.

              Our year-end Recital will be held in the spring at Ritenour High School Auditorium. More information about these events will be made                       available throughout the year. If you prefer not to participate in these performances, please inform us as soon as possible. 

watch week

        Parents and relatives are invited to Parent Watch Nights, held during the first full of week of November and March.

        As a courtesy to our dancers and teachers, these nights are limited to adults only.