Testimonials from our Dance Parents


“My daughter has been dancing at LaVerne Meier School of Dance for 7 years. She takes every class she can and she loves them all. After the first couple years, the families get to know one another and many help each other out when needed; it feels like having a second family and not in an exclusive way! She has also developed a tight bond with many of the teachers who care about the students and take time to get to know them. I appreciate the diversity represented at the studio and that they take any student who just wants to dance. I'm realistic about my daughter's abilities and she does not aspire to be a career dancer, but at LaVerne Meier, she can enjoy all styles of dance and still participate in sports and be involved with school clubs. The tuition amounts are very reasonable and recital costs are much lower than other studios we looked into. The studio also has opportunities to bond outside the regular dance sessions by going to movies, having holiday parties, and participating in community events. I strongly recommend LaVerne Meier School of Dance to my friends!”

—Kelly, mom to Olivia


“We choose LaVerne Meier School of Dance because it's more family-oriented. You could see and feel that everyone from the teachers to the students loves being there. I can still remember when Catalina asked me if she could dance. So I googled I think 2 or 3 dance schools and went there to see how they do things in their schools. Then we went to LaVerne Meier School of Dance and as they say it, the rest is history. I saw my two girls grow up with other girls who enjoyed going to LaVerne. I would like to thank you and all the teachers for guiding and teaching my Catalina and Kristine. We will all be forever grateful to you guys.”

—Jhun, dad to Catalina and Kristine


“My daughter started dancing at LaVerne Meier School of Dance at the age of 3, so we are starting our 14th year. My daughter loves to dance but I think what brings her back year after year is the relationships she's built with not only the other dancers but the teachers, the dance studio is her second home and her second family. Most of her teachers were also dancers at the dance school as young dancers so you know they have this sense of pride when they see their student dancers on stage. Second to the fact that she is learning how to dance at the studio, she has learned many life long lessons, how to get along with others, how to work together with others and the meaning of teamwork, hard work and fun work. LaVerne Meier School of Dance is much much more than just a dance studio, each and everyone involved in the studio loves and cherishes their dancers and you can feel it when you enter the studio. Jaana, the owner, pushes the girls to have good character in their everyday lives, get good grades and be good people. I cannot express how sad it will be when my daughter takes the stage for her last recital not only because of the dancing but the relationships that she and our family have built over the years at the dance studio.”

—Patti, mom to Ella